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Car Paint Booth

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Control Panel:



Turbo Fan


Riello G20 Burner


Inner Ramps


LED Lights

Features of Car Paint Booth:

1. This product is equipped with 7.5KW turbo fan for air intake and extraction. This fan takes up a small space but outputs a larger air volume, which improves the paint effect.

2. All panels of this product are grooved interlocking structure. This structure can greatly improve the bite and seal.

3.304 stainless steel heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can transfer heat between materials at several temperatures, thereby meeting the needs of the process conditions and improving energy utilization. In addition, the heat exchanger made of 304 stainless steel is of very good quality and has good durability.

4. Built-in LED light, the energy saving effect of this kind of lamp is very good, and there is no stroboscopic and no radiation, which is good for work.

5. The color of the product is available in white, blue, orange and red.

Advantage Car Paint Booth:

1.During the painting process, external fresh air enters the heating generator through the pre-filtration system, enters the plenum system, and then filters through the ceiling filter into the booth, bringing clean, symmetrical and stable airflow for spraying. After painting, hot air flows from the generator to the air chamber from the heating and is then filtered through the ceiling filter into the room to provide the heat needed to bake the surface of the car.

2.The paint works well and is handled very fast. This car paint booth is a complete and professional set of large equipment. This equipment is not only eliminates the drawbacks of manual processing, but also improves work efficiency and improves the quality of the paint surface in the paint repair work. This is not only because the paint booth can evenly heat and quickly dry the paint surface according to the setting of the operator, and the paint booth can isolate the pollution caused by external dust and other pollutants on the paint, so that the subsequent polishing and the like can be omitted.


Inside dimension

6900×3900×2650 mm (L×W×H)

Outside dimension

7000×5350×3400mm (L×W×H)

Front door

The orange front door is a folding door with dimensions of 3000 x 2600 mm (width x height) and no frame. The window frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

Emergency door

The size of the white emergency door is 650 × 1800mm (width × height)


It is assembled from high-quality galvanized steel, 300 mm high and supported by square steel, so the structure is very strong. The central grille is made of flat steel and twisted steel. In addition, the interior is a slope.

Wall panel

The wall panel has a thickness of 50 mm and a width of 1150 mm. The white wall panel has EPS 0.376mm color steel.

Generator cabinet

The air is exhausted from the rear upper portion and exhausted from the rear upper portion. The frame is a galvanized steel frame. It is covered by an orange mechanism panel and is internally filled with insulation.

Heating system

Italian RIELLO G20 diesel burner, stainless steel heat exchanger, pneumatic damper, from spraying to baking cycle. Maximum heating efficiency: 200000kcal / h, maximum temperature: 80 °C.

Purification system

Pre-filter, ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter.


Galvanized steel

Total power

17.5KW (Power supply 1×220V, 3×380V, 50HZ)

OEM service Available

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